Finally a Hamburg duel again, after a break of seven and a half years – and then that: St. Pauli is the last Derby winner with a 0:0. The HSV seems insecure, Lewis Holtby later burst his collar.

St. Paulis coach made no secret of his destructive plan after the derby. “We wanted to avoid the soccer exchange of blows,” said Markus Kauczinski. The tactics of the defensive guests worked out, but for the 57,000 spectators it was a tough second league Sunday afternoon. St. Pauli defended 90 minutes concentrated. In 90 minutes, Hamburger SV struggled to the best of its ability to play out clear final situations or – with increasing playing time – at least to force them somehow. “We knew they had problems with that,” said St. Paulis Christopher Buchtmann. A footballerically disappointing city derby ended with the only appropriate result: 0:0.

Even if there was no winner: St. Pauli remains “city champion”. Of course this is not a real title – except for the club that is allowed to wear it. For exactly 2783 days FC St. Pauli can call itself that, at least until the second weekend in March 2019 Hamburg will remain brown and white. In February 2011 Gerald Asamoah had decided the Derby in the Volkspark in favour of the guests.

By the way, this was the last Bundesliga victory for FC St. Pauli to date. St. Pauli only scored a single point from the remaining twelve games of the season, relegated to last place in the table and shamefully left HSV behind in the upper house.

Some even claim that this goal alone explains the vehemence with which HSV had worked towards relegation in the following years. To somehow get the chance to get this title back. Where were you when Asamoah scored? If you can hold your own with one of these two clubs, you can answer that question without hesitation.

The new edition on Sunday will not be remembered, even if the setting was first class. St. Paulis Philipp Ziereis: “It was absolutely awesome, the atmosphere was outstanding”. At least until the 57,000 spectators understood what kind of football they had bought expensive tickets for. On the other hand, those who go to the derby are attracted by the emotions.

The atmosphere in the city had been nervous. A raid on a group of HSV fans who were doing a choreography of straw dolls in the St. Pauli look hanging in the city. A stink bomb attack at Bahrenfeld S-Bahn station, where the majority of guest fans arrived. Some normal Derby folklore, some unfortunately also beyond that. The police were in action with 1500 forces, but measured by the fears it remained quiet. Also off the pitch.

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Gerald Asamoah Honours


Schalke 04
  • DFB-Pokal: 2000–01, 2001–02
  • DFB-Ligapokal: 2005
  • UEFA Intertoto Cup 2003, 2004
Greuther Fürth
  • 2. Bundesliga: 2011–12


  • FIFA World Cup Runner-up: 2002; Third Place: 2006
  • FIFA Confederations Cup Third Place: 2005

Coach Titz could be in trouble

Especially in the first half, it was more of a game that nobody wanted to lose than one that someone wanted to win. “Both teams were busy not conceding a goal,” said Khaled Narey. The disastrous HSV appearance against Regensburg was followed by two serious goalless draws.

How much risk is good for the relegated team? The team seems insecure.

“One can have the impression that the ease of the offensive game has also been lost,” said coach Christian Titz, who is aware that after only two points from previous games, the team is grumbling again. 14 points, temporarily third place, the season is still long. It remains the realization: HSV also has problems in the second league to play out clear goal chances against low-lying opponents. But if you want to move up, you have to win matches.

Lewis Holtby was furious after the game. He was the only player the journalists in the third and fourth row in the interview zone understood. After three goalless games, do you want to question everything again? “In one game you’re the saviour, and then it’s back on again,” said Holtby, who complained that “a lot of negative things come from outside, and that makes me so aggressive”. After all, HSV has a lot of young players, “and they get all that.” And now? “Keep calm, keep your mouth shut, keep working,” says Holtby.

Patience, the goals would already fall, HSV goalkeeper Julian Pollersbeck believes. “We’ve got five or six crazy people ahead,” says Pollersbeck, who had saved at least one point for his team with an act of rescue in injury time: “That looked more spectacular than it was.” Cenk Sahin had been lobbing from 35 metres and his ball had almost landed in the very goal that Asamoah hit seven years ago.

Hamburg’s search for identity

In 2011, the HSV was still a big player, had really great players and had reached the European semi-finals twice in a row. The roles were clearly distributed, in one team Ruud van Nistelrooy started, in the other – with all due respect – Ralph Gunesch. What’s particularly astonishing is that expectations at HSV remain high. A victory was firmly planned. St. Pauli only scored one point less this season. Cashmio Casino is the casino for everyone because it suits everybody’s expectation.

“Try it so desperately (sic!), our size is carved in stone.” That was written on the choreography in the north curve. The greatest heroes of the club’s history were enthroned above, with all the trophies that the club won in another millennium. If you can’t find an identity in the present, you’re looking in the past. You never make it to the second league like that. But maybe you’ll get more than just another chance to win back the city championship.